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Mural/Public Art

Yarrow reimagined - 2023


Located in the Duke Heights neighbourhood in Toronto. Created as a part of the Bell Box Mural Program

Cattails -2023


Located at Keele & Sheppard Ave in Toronto, on the edge of Downsview Park. This traffic signal box was created through a project of Street Art Toronto


Each side of self- 2022

Completed during KJ BIT Collective’s Mural Jam in the alleyway behind Shaw and Crawford Street


Burdock - 2021 


Completed in 2021 with Artist Tzazna Miranda Leal, this 6x12ft mural was created in Rexdale North Etobicoke as part of Women Paint - an annual paint jam in various neighbourhoods across Toronto. 2021’s theme was Naturally Resilient-visual stories that celebrate building strength, connection and community through developing relationships with the natural world.

In Bloom - 240 Roncesvalles - 2020

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